Monday, 11 August 2014

quirks of this plane

The sun literally rises from the west, and sets in the east. There is a giant lake of burning radiation in the west, that births a new sun every dawn, and every dusk the sun falls into and drowns in a giant lake of anti-magic tar in the east. Wizards worry the sun-lake is finite.

The planet has 100 moons, all perfectly lined up in space like marbles. Every millennium the next moon in line smashes the planet, getting all its water and plants and germs all over it, and the moon becomes the next life bearing planet. The left over debris from all the previous planets float out to the edge of the solar system, and merge together to form another moon. Endless conga line of rocks, each getting its turn to be alive.

Nothing naturally biodegrades as there are no bacteria, everything must be eaten or burnt. Even small birds build tiny pyres for their feces and cannibalise their dead. Luckily there’s lots of lightning and subsequently forest fires that get rid of piles of dead things. People are very careful and conservative about disposing their waste.

Gravity is provided by plants. Forests are normal, but you can jump higher in a meadow or on a mountain. The sea is weighted down by fields of algae and kelp. Deserts and the arctic are annoyingly floaty, and subsequently even more desolate. Strange animals have evolved to to take advantage of the uneven gravity of this world.

Everything is a sentient elemental. Farmers make contracts with their crops. Nations bid for the favour of the sun. people blackmail clouds into flooding their enemies.

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